On this episode, the crew joins Jake Green and Nick Ciesielski out of Georgia. Fresh off the Shane Hazel for Governor Campaign, they'll talk about their experiences, Jake's new documentary, and lessons we can take to apply to all our campaigns in the future.

Jake Green is a documentary filmmaker based out of Atlanta, GA. His latest film “Divide & Dominate: How the Powerful Steal More Power” delves into the political, financial, and media systems that are inextricably linked and corrupted here in the United States. Follow his company at peacefulseaproductions.com.

Nick Ciesielski is Mises Caucus Organizer and Vice-Chair of LP Georgia. He will be joining the Pennsylvania Organizer Team after this convention season with his recent move to PA.

Sign up for the Caucus at takehumanaction.com.

Sign up to run for office at runaslibertarian.com.


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