Romans 13 – Civil Governance & Christian Anarchism from the perspective of Reformed Christian Anarchists

Most of the first hour is a discussion on the relationship between the Reformed Christian Tradition and Christian Anarchism, as well as how different Christian denominations and theologies compare and contrast within the Christian Libertarian world.

Jump in at about 54:25 to hear Greg and I start breaking down Romans 13 to show how Paul is NOT advocating for/endorsing Statism

Here is a compilation of all the links and references mentioned in the video.

Gregory Baus profile

20 min audio on libertarian anarchism and Romans 13

article on Reformed view of Rom13

Gregory Baus’ intro to libertarian anarchism youtube playlist

Francis Schaeffer’s A Christian Manifesto

Constitution Party

Murray Rothbard’s For A New Liberty

Roderick Long’s Foundations Of Libertarian Ethics lecture series See especially lecture 10: “An Anarchist Legal Order”

Tomasz Kaye’s Explore: Is Taxation Theft?

bitbutter youtube:

Westminster Confession of Faith (1788 “American”, non-establishmentarian)

Canons of Dordt (aka “T.U.L.I.P.”)

The five “solas”

G.K. Beale’s Erosion of Inerrancy

“Can the Bible be inspired and have errors?”

“Inerrancy and the NT use of the OT”

“OT in Revelation and Authority of Scripture”

David D. Friedman

Abraham Kuyper’s Lectures On Calvinism

(Popular intro to “Neo-Calvinism”) Walsh & Middleton’s Transforming Vision

Gregory Baus on Herman Dooyeweerd’s view of Societal Sphere Sovereignty

Gerard Casey’s Libertarian Anarchy

“Meddling In Other Men’s Affairs: The Case For Anarchy”

LCI’s Faith Seeking Freedom

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