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Exploring the entanglements between the church and state to bring Christians back to No King but Christ. Episodes about Philosophy, Anarchism, Politics, Economics, and interviewing interesting guests.

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Kerry Baldwin returns to the show, and we will do a deeper dive into her work into explaining the pro-life position from Christian and libertarian philosophical principles, as well as Christian and libertarian views on justice and unpacking these complex legal and moral topics.

Daniel 3 Ep 90 – Colorado Nightclub And LGBT Rights

On this livestream I discussed my thoughts on LGBT rights from the perspective of a Christian Anarchist, and where I agree and disagree with libertarians on the subject. I also push back against those who blame violence against LGBT people on Christian conservatism or...

Daniel 3 Ep 89 – Post LCI 300th Special / Big Announcement

After the 300th episode of the Libertarian Christian Institute airs tonight at 9 ET, I will be streaming live on my channel to talk about the big announcement and what changes are in storeLCI 300th Episode: Podcast Website:...

Daniel 3 Ep 87 – Saturday Night Live, Channel Updates and AMA

Tonight I am returning to the podcast after a long hiatus, I will be giving some updates as to things going on, some commentary to things going on in the country and world, as well as answering and responding to any questions/comments in the live stream.Support this...

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